A Buried Treasure Chest

    I chose to never speak to you again. The kind of decision you can’t just take back, or change. Acting everyday, as if I was okay, as if we were okay, was something I could no longer handle. The line of my nightmares began crossing into my reality and I could no longer decipher one from the other. The pain on my chest was too heavy to try to carry, seaping through my skin, straight to my bones, I had to let go. I buried the weight deep down, like you would a treasure chest if you were trying to hide it. Although, the pain was no longer visible on the outside, it was still there. It lies deep beneath anything you could ever see by just looking at the surface. And in time, if you were to dig deep enough, you could open the fossilized treasure chest, just to find that, I could never forget you. No matter how deep I buried the heavy weight of the treasure chest, to which is my heart.